We offer investment consulting services addressing the
needs of our clients, who are institutional investors, such
as provident funds and corporates, and private investors.


We offer venture capital services, from identifying and evaluating investment opportunities through our extensive network, to taking executive roles in startups and emerging companies.

  • Deal sourcing & structuring
  • Capital raising consulting
  • Interim Executive Management
  • Key Staffing Strategy and Execution

We usually work on behalf of investors and we offer the full suite of services from strategy and investment focus, deal, and sector expert sourcing, set up, operating and financial modeling and governance.

We are well aware that the level of complexity in the smaller deal sizes we work on is usually the same as the one at much bigger companies and we draw on our deep connections to venture capital eco systems.

We always take an active role in the investee companies via a seat on the Board of Directors and we are responsible and accountable for the management of the investments and for supporting the portfolio Companies.

We only take on projects we believe are driven by committed, dedicated and energetic entrepreneurs, and we help them realise their true potential. We always aim to make the maximum possible return on our clients’ and our investment in a project. But we must first be excited and motivated by the opportunity and believe that our involvement can add tangible, measurable value.


We are currently focusing our venture capital investment sourcing activities in Greece, Cyprus, and the UK. Our implicit knowledge of these markets enables our identifying and transacting high growth entrepreneurial companies with global aspirations.

We are specifically interested in businesses with clearly defined plans driven by accomplished management teams in any sector except the construction and hospitality industries.

As an EU country with many young, highly educated entrepreneurs, Cyprus is well positioned for the development of emerging businesses. We able to build upon our strong local network and contacts to attract high quality projects and help them realise their full potential.